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My main area of photographic production is in the creation of artistic male portraits in the studio. These images are an excerpt and offer an enhanced vision of the reality. They allow the exploration of strong expressions, of symbolic visions which give a unique dimension to each photo. I mainly work with dancers and actors who are comfortable with the visual search process.

A creator must integrate the social message of his work to his vision. Art does not exist without communicating a vision and values that influence the evolution of our society. The artist is an agent of change for our society.

Project Venus & Adonis


Following our discussion on beauty in photography, you are invited to contribute a pair of Venus and Adonis of your own, to present to the group. Our goal is to apply the concepts of aesthetic beauty of ancient Greece to modern photographic production. Our reference guide is the author Umberto Eco, “History of the Beauty” which describes the representation of the beauty of the human body through the centuries.




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    Collective Project / Spring 2019

    Canadian photographers who have left their marks

    Montreal, Quebec, Canada have allowed exceptional photographers to establish themselves and contribute to the world’s photographic history. Although few, some have left indelible traces and their work has survived to this day.

    The Montreal Photo Creation Group’s Spring 2019 project invites us to undertake an inventory of influential Canadian photographers, to discuss their work and to understand how their influence continues to inspire photographers to this day.

    Thanks to their artistic inspiration, their business acumen and a clear vision of society, these photographers contributed in a lasting manner to the Canadian photographic history. Their methodical approach allowed the preservation of their work either through the help of museum organizations or foundations, thus ensuring the cataloging and promotion of photographs.