Ruven Afanador

Photographer, New York

Ruven Afanador is a world renowned photographer with a boundless imagination. His inspiration comes from traditional subjects. He uses a visual language that transmits strong emotions with delicate mix of nuances, and mystery. Of Colombian origin, its Hispanic heritage is expressed with elegant images and a strong erotic inspiration. Very early during his education, he discovered that the photography was the passion of his life. With this motivation, he is able to transform the daily reality in a captivating splendor.
The photos selected for this portfolio are extracted from his four art books and offer a sharp aesthetic in black and white. His first book, ‘Torero‘ presents photographs of Spanish, Colombians, Peruvians and Mexicans matadors. The book ‘Sombra‘ is a collection of male erotic images inspired of the photographic techniques of the nineteenth century. ‘Mil Besos‘ illustrates dancers of Flamenco in a surreal context and an aesthetic that defies the norms. ‘Angel Gitano‘ presents male flamenco dancers in a desert environment. All these books offer a strong and inspiring vision and illustrate the strength of photography as a distinctive form of communication.


Portfolio, Ruven Afanador

(c) 2010 The photographs presented in this portfolio are the exclusive priority of photographer Ruen Afanador and must not be reproduced

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