Von Wong, conceptual photographer

“I am a dreamer”, this is how Benjamin Wong describes himself. He seeks to integrate dream to reality.

Benjamin Wong is an artist and conceptual photographer, that creates hyper-realistic images. He began his professional life as a Mining Engineer, before taking an unexpected turn. Self-taught in photography, Von Wong designs conceptual photography projects with intricate details. He also produces ”behind the scene” videos to illustrate his creative process.
Passionate of technologies, he also knows how to use to his advantage the social media to share his work and raise funds to support his projects. He launched an international collaborative funding project under the name of “Von Wong in Europe”, on the platform Indiegogo in 2012. Von Wong likes to innovate. Thanks to these types of initiatives, it has collaborated with an array of European artists, including teams of underwater photographers, artificers, Olympians, all inspired by his photographic concepts. To produce his fascinating creative work, he incorporates to his vivid imagination unique landscapes, large teams of collaborators and advanced lighting techniques, often used under extreme conditions.
In addition to addressing multiple creative challenges, pushing the limits of his collaborators, he also integrates to his work an environmental sensitivity. Von Wong includes in his projects the objective of protecting the oceans and seeks to raise the awareness of its audience to the need of protecting our environment.



 Site Web de Von Wong

Von Wong and social media

His dynamic use of social media gives him international visibility. The energy invested by von Wong helps him to launch bold projects and to invite large teams of production partners. See below examples of its presence in the Social Media:

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Facebook   245,370 subscribers
YouTube 69,771 subscribers
Flickr 14,200 subscribers
Instagram 68,900 subscribers
Twitter 19,000 subscribers

(c) 2016  The photographs presented in this portfolio are the exclusive property of Photographer Von Wong and cannot be reproduced without his written consent.

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