Venus and Adonis Collaborative project

This project is inspired by the Umberto Eco Anthology “History of the Beauty”.

The project Venus and Adonis offers a compilation of photographs inspired by the beauty of the human body, illustrating the aesthetics of the Ancient Greece. Venus and Adonis are represented as an image of beauty, transposed in the context of modern photography. It is a participatory exercise: its objective is to produce discussion material for amateurs of the photographic art. The selections invite to a discussion on the creative process applied to photography, with images that capture the beauty of the human body. Each proposition is a pair of two images, inspired by the aesthetics of the ancient art, illustrated as Venus and Adonis.

Ancient Greece has offered us an artistic vision based on the beauty of the body, illustrated by paintings, drawings and sculptures presenting an idealized body based on a canon of beauty. This vision has inspired the Judeo-Christian civilization and has evolved over the centuries up to our own esthetic values.

The photographic art is largely inspired by this legacy.

How to contribute to this project

You are invited to choose a pair of photo representing Venus and Adonis, with full creative freedom. You can submit a text explaining your selection. Your photographs may be your onw, or those of one or more photographers, well known or unknown.

Submit your pair of photo on the Flickr Anticafe Group
or email them to :

The chosen photographs will be presented on the Flickr Project Venus and Adonis Group

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