In touch with Photographers

Call for Exhibitors

We are looking for passionate photographers who want to present their photographic creations.

Submission Guidelines

The Selection Committee of the Anticafé Photo Group invites photographers to present us with proposals associated with an approach of artistic creation.

The photographer should be able to communicate their artistic approach, their objectives and to submit their photos in front of the Selection Committee. The topics chosen are at the sole discretion of the bidder. However, the work must be cohesive and well integrated and meet the minimum standards of technical quality.

Preparation of the exhibition

The Selected bidders will be able to work with the members of the Production Team of the Anticafé Photo Group for the preparation of the exhibition.

The members of the production team are able to assist the photographer in the following tasks:

  • Selection of photos;
  • Preparation of the prints and the mounting of photos;
  • Promotion of the event in order to ensure optimal visibility, mainly through social media;
  • Campaigns on medias to gain visibility.

Documents Required

Send your files by e-mail to

Your submission should include:

  1. A short presentation explaining how your project is linked to the theme of visual creation;
  2. A selection of low resolution images with a description and the title of each image, the size of print and the date of capture;
  3. A link to your Web page or another site presenting your works;
  4. A brief curriculum vitae of the bidder;
  5. Your complete contact information, including name, mailing address, telephone, e-mail, Web site, country of birth.

All records in accordance with the instructions described in the present document will be carefully examined by the Selection Committee.

Exhibition Space

The exhibition hall of the Anticafé will be available to the selected photographers, for a period of 8 days (per event). No fee will be charged to the exhibitors. The revenues from sales of photographs during the exposure period will be returned to the artist (less the credit card fees).

The act of creation in Photography

The digital revolution in which we live has propelled photography at the heart of our daily lives. On one hand, the democratization of digital cameras, cellular phones, virtual reality devices, technologies of artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, the ubiquity of the Internet and social networks lead us to rethink the place of photography in the society.

The proliferation of photography in the everyday life leads us to ask this question: how is the artistic creation expressed by photography?

We all produce and consume photos. Our eye is appropriating the images and our aesthetic quality is defined in terms of the images that are circulating around us. How to get out of the Universal manure in which these images accumulate?

How can we express themselves in an original way through photography? The appropriation of the image through the artistic creation and a rigorous approach allows you to express its mink and Its Values

The photographer artist seeks to capture a clear vision and to share it with the observer.

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